Piledriver Waltz

An idealistic and gifted young athlete in 1920s America sets out to become a wrestling champion only to discover a world of corruption, violence, deceit and betrayal.

PILEDRIVER WALTZ is a period sports drama screenplay I wrote in 2018 that made it to the real-time Top Scripts list on The Black List website.

Praise for PILEDRIVER WALTZ from Black List professional evaluations:

“Like CINDERELLA MAN and LEATHERHEADS before it, PILEDRIVER WALTZ unearths the raw and chaotic origins of one of America's most iconic sports: professional wrestling. This script expertly privileges both serious wrestling aficionados and initiates alike, serving as an immersive education in the dynamics of how the earliest wrestlers developed their craft, while offering slices of history to enrich an appreciation for the sport. The script's wrestling sequences truly stand out in terms of their vividness and realism, and like RAGING BULL, often double as character exercises. It all comes to life in a well-researched and expressive portrait of Prohibition-era America, in all its grit and glory.”

“This is a gripping and entertaining story from start to finish.”

“It’s a wonder this story wasn’t told before.”

“An entertaining screenplay with an air of unpredictability, which keeps audiences on the edge of their seats until the final credits roll.”